Thursday, June 19, 2008

I know so very little

As I go to work and am surrounded by great literary minds and grammar geniuses, I feel pretty darn stupid.

I know how to use technology, yes. I know how to design publications on InDesign and how to manipulate photos in Photoshop. I also can make my own cool texts in Illustrator.

But I still only have a Bachelor's degree, and I still can't remember what the 10 basic sentence structures are, and I can't even remember offhand what an indirect object is (which was made clear to me in my Spanish 101 class).

There's so much to learn, and I feel unable to grasp much at all. For instance, I have started reading about seven books; I haven't finished any of them. I am interested in so many things and want to have a hand in each, but never really get anywhere because I don't have seven hands.

I want to know everything, yet I don't have the discipline to really learn one thing.

Perhaps this desire to know it all provides yet another motivation to gain exaltation so I can have a perfect knowledge. I guess I'll just have to settle with my imperfect brain and have patience for the life I have ahead of me to read lots of good books and learn lots of new things . . .

. . . like how to clean spit up thoroughly out of any fabric.


Katie Phelps said...

Is that you announcing that you will be having a wee one soon?

Amy said...

I think your insatiable appetite for knowledge will be a good thing - now and, oh, in the eternities.